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21st May 2015

Crossing the Bridge: The Strange and Fascinating Evolution of Right-Wing America from Selma to the Tea Party

Speaker: Andrew R. Wines

Summary: This talk explores how the attempt to forge a national Civil Rights movement in the wake of the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act inadvertently provoked the rise of a national conservative coalition that over time has become increasingly right-wing and that dominates US electoral politics to this day. Particular attention will be given to how the social and cultural ferment of the 60s and 70s and conflicts over religion, race, sex and violence paved the way for the entrenched political divisions that continue to beset the United States. The careers and contributions of colourful characters and groups such as Lyndon Johnson, Strom Thurmond, Students for a Democratic Society, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy, Abbie Hoffman, George Wallace, Richard Nixon, Jesse Jackson, Richard Daley, the Black Panthers, Billy Graham, Jesse Helms, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush will be highlighted. Parallels will be drawn with similar debates, developments and emerging political strategies in the UK concerning the role of the EU, immigration and the rise of UKIP.

18th June 2015

Sunshine and Starlight: a brief history of light

Speaker: Dylan D'Arch

Summary: 2015 is the United Nations' International Year of Light, so what is light? The talk covers the history of light from the Greeks to Modern Day, covering the important discoveries that deepened our understanding of light. The talk explores our understanding of light and how it is used to increase our knowledge of our environment, the universe, and how this has led to improving the quality of our lives.

16th July 2015

The Whistler Libel Trail

Speaker: Dr Prasannajit Da Silva

Summary: J. A. M. Whistler was a cosmopolitan figure, who, from the 1860s, became a key player in the Aesthetic Movement in Victorian Britain. This lecture will consider examples of his work from across his career, and focus on the famous trial in which he sued the art critic John Ruskin for libel, and its significance for ideas of modern art.

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